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Sinomine is the only producer and supplier of cesium formate in the world. Cesium formate is mainly used in oil & gas industry as drilling fluid or completion fluid in the high temperature and high pressure drilling program. Cesium formate is featured by high solubility, low viscosity, no solid phase, good thermal stability, high temperature resistance, non-corrosiveness, biodegradability, and no pollution to the environment.


Compared with traditional drilling fluid, cesium formate can greatly improve the oil production rate and drilling efficiency, reduce the friction coefficient and risk of sticking. 

And it is corrosion resistant and ]environment friendly, which has huge potential in application in varied fields.


The rubidium brine produced by the Company uses rubidium in pollucite after acid leaching. The rubidium is separated by extraction and processed into high-purity rubidium brine. It is one of Sinomine’s patents.

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